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Best PC Cases For Hard Drive Storage

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There are many types of PC cases that you can choose from when you’re trying to build or upgrade your PC. However, some cases are better for hard drive storage than others. Here are some of the best PC cases for hard drive storage.

Best PC Cases For Hard Drive Storage 2022

best pc cases for hard drive storage

1. Fractal Design Node 804

Node 804 is the best possible PC case for hard drive storage. They’ve integrated a removable and movable hard drive rack that allows you to easily add or remove your hard drives.

It has been specially designed to accommodate and protect your data, while giving you the freedom to create the ultimate computer system.

The case also comes with 3 silent fans to make sure the case is cool. The case is water-cooling ready and has 2 chambers to keep better cooling.

Featuring a stylish, sleek, and minimalist design, the Node 804 is perfect for those who want a case that does not draw attention, but still contains all the modern amenities and features a PC enthusiast could want.

2. Thermaltake View 91

Thermaltake View 91 is the best choice for anyone who wants a durable and easy-to-install storage solution. It’s a simple concept that provides a sleek, compact and versatile way to store your hard drives while also enhancing the look of any room you place it in.

The Thermaltake View 91 mid-tower chassis features an transparent-frame design built for those who want to show off their hardware components. It comes with a tempered glass side panel. This means that the interior of the case is visible from the outside, and the components are visible from the outside.

The View 91 comes with an RGB LED strip and controller that can be used to customize the lighting of the case and it supports up to seven independent addressable RGB channels.

The case is also equipped with four preinstalled fans, three in the front and one in the back.

3. Fractal Design R5

R5 is the best PC Case for your hard drive storage. It’s a single unit with an elegant design and enough space to store up to 8 hard disks. It is well designed and equipped with a high-quality casing to protect your hard drive from knocks and bumps.

This case comes loaded with sound-reducing material to keep the noise down and still allows for maximum airflow and cooling capabilities.

The R5 also supports up to six fan mounts and has two separate soundproofed chambers dedicated to the cooling of the graphics cards.

The front chamber can accommodate either two 120 mm or two 140 mm fans, or a 240 mm or 280 mm radiator. The rear chamber can hold either a 120 mm or a 140 mm fan, or a 120 mm or a 240 mm radiator.

A closed-cell padding is added to the front chamber for improved insulation.

4. Corsair 750D

750D is designed to be the best pc case for hard drive storage. The 750D provides a solution to users who have numerous hard drives and need a safe, secure and easy way to store them.

The 750D has a very sleek and professional look, but is also very durable and has a high performance level. The case has a very large interior space, which allows for easy installation of any components without having to worry about heat or space restrictions.

The Corsair 750D is an impressive computer case, providing an unprecedented level of cooling performance. It is built with a dual-chamber design, with two separate compartments. This design isolates hot components from the rest of the case, allowing you to use this case with very high-end components.

The case is not as quiet as we would have liked it to be, but it’s still pretty quiet compared to many other cases. The case is designed to take care of most of the noise-generating components, such as the power supply, located at the bottom of the case. This way, there is less noise generated which can be heard from the outside, which is a big pro for the case.

5. Phanteks Pro M Series

Phanteks Pro M is a hard shell case that provides safe storage for hard drives. It has a rugged exterior and shock absorbing liner to protect the drive from bumps, drops, and other physical impacts. The design allows for easy installation of the hard drive into an empty bay in your computer case, as well as hot-swapping the drive by simply sliding it out of the case when needed.

The hard shell casing also comes with built-in cable management to keep cables protected from snagging and ripping.

Phanteks has worked closely with the PH-LED manufacturer to develop a customized LED strip that will provide the best colors and brightness for modders and watercooling enthusiasts.

The RGB LED strip supports 16.8 million colors and is compatible with GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, thus allowing a gamer to control the colors and lighting effects of their rig. The RGB LED strip comes with two Phanteks logo stickers to allow gamers to customize their build.


For those looking for a PC case with a lot of storage space, the Fractal Design Node 804 is a great choice. This PC case has 8 expansion slots, as well as space for up to 8 hard drives. The hard drive bays are modular, meaning you can choose which bays you want to use. The case itself is also designed to be cooled efficiently. With the help of fans and ventilation, the case can cool itself without the need to add extra fans. There is also a PSU shroud in place to help keep the rest of your components cool, and maintain a clean-looking aesthetic.

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